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Why should you test in Antegenes?

Antegenes is a certified healthcare service provider
Performing Antegenes tests is easy and it can be done without leaving home
A high-tech approach to assess the genetic predisposition of cancer
Your risk-based medical report containing advice for cancer prevention and early detection

Our technology

We use high-tech polygenic risk score technology to assess your genetic risk of developing cancer. By combining information from your thousands genetic variants and personal background, we can always create personalized and unique results.

Antegenes tests

Breast cancer (AnteBC)
Prostate cancer (AntePC)
Colorectal cancer (AnteCRC)
Melanoma (AnteMEL)


Breast cancer precision prevention

Breast cancer precision prevention is a modern personalized approach to breast cancer prevention.

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About Us

OÜ Antegenes is an innovation-oriented Estonian medical technology company founded in 2018. Antegenes is a registered healthcare service provider of medical genetics, oncology and laboratory services (licenses L04685 and L04683) in Estonia (European Union). All our tests are registered with the Estonian Health Board on the basis of the in vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices Directive (98/79 / EC).

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Quality system certificate

In 2020 Antegenes OÜ received management system certificate ISO 13485:2016.