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Individual cancer risk can be very high regardless of whether or not there is a family history of cancer. The impact of cancer can be significantly reduced with accurate prevention and timely detection. However, too many malignant tumors are diagnosed in the advanced stage, when the disease’s prognosis for life is already bad. To change this, cancer prevention based on individual risk assessments, meaning precise cancer prevention, is necessary.

Our comprehensive approach has the potential to contribute to a 30-40% reduction in mortality rates for these prevalent diseases, transforming the landscape of cancer prevention and care.

2.3 million women diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020*



Polygenetic Risk Score (PRS) is an innovative and non-intrusive method to help you detect cancer earlier.

PRS sums up information over hundreds to thousands of genetic variants in the human genome. By combining the PRS with a person’s background (origin, age, and gender), we are able to calculate a person’s risk of developing cancer and provide medical advice on prevention and early detection.

Genetics based personalised cancer prevention with clinical recommendations

  • Breast cancer personalised prevention For women aged 30-75 195 €
  • Prostate cancer personalised prevention For men aged 40-70 195 €
  • Colorectal cancer personalised prevention For women and men aged 40-75 195 €
  • Melanoma personalised prevention For women and men aged 18-70 195 €

Who are we?

Antegenes is a precision prevention healthcare company that provides reliable at-home genetic tests to assess your polygenic cancer risk and gives you a personalised cancer prevention plan, enabling you to take proactive steps to increase your chances of living a healthy life without life-threatening illnesses.

Today, Antegenes is a leading innovator in genetic testing and personalised medicine, empowering people to take charge of their health and potentially prevent or detect cancer early.

“The user-friendly interface and comprehensive reports make it easy to interpret complex genetic information. I highly recommend this service for anyone seeking personalized and advanced genetic testing solutions.”


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All our services are developed in co-operation with leading oncologists, medical geneticists and bioinformaticians.

  • Peeter Padrik, MD, PhD Founder & CEO
  • Neeme Tõnisson, MD, PhD Medical Geneticist
  • Siim Sõber, PhD Chief Product Officer
ISO 13485 certified In 2020 Antegenes OÜ received management system certificate ISO 13485:2016.